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New ZTE Dual Screen Smartphone Patent Images Released
almost 3 years ago

ZTE was continuously developing new technologies even after going through bad times. This Chinese company submitted the smartphone design patent around July 10, 2018. Also, it was published earlier by the CNIPA patent agency of China. You can see the full-screen design – both front, and back – of the phone on the patent documents with ease. 


The front section of the phone is mostly covered with the display. It is destined to cover around 95 percent display section. Even the front camera is not ideally visible on the screen. It might boast an under-display front camera though. When it comes to the rear display, it showcases a square-shaped second display on the back. 

Overall, it is clear that there will be no front camera on the phone. Users can click the best selfies with the use of the secondary camera though. Its back design resembles the Meizu Pro 7 Plus phone from the year 2017, which used to come with a rectangle-shaped second display right below the dual camera section. The second display can even work ideally as a camera viewfinder. You can use the second screen for checking notifications as well.

Along with a bezel-less screen on the front section, it features two speaker grills also. This particular phone from ZTE is not the very first smartphone to offer dual-screens. Its associated brand Nubia has already provided a smartphone with dual-screen known as Nubia X. Also, Vivo offered Nex 2. Tech enthusiasts are still in doubt if ZTE will release the device or not.

ZTE already released a folding device, but it was a bit different. The launched phone, known as ZTE Axon M, received a mixed response because this company was blacklisted at that time by the US. Now, this exclusive patent has created a new buzz among tech enthusiasts. It is entirely different from previous designs of ZTE and looks Huawei P30 kind of too.

If you are not aware of ZTE completely, it stands for Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation and has delivered plenty of great Android smartphones and tablets. Along with selling its primary products, it is an original equipment manufacturer as well. Its recent release is the Blade A5 2019, which boasts a 5.45-inch touchscreen and umpteen of outstanding features. You can choose to buy it or wait for the upcoming smartphones.

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