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How to Fix Windows 10 File Explorer Dark Theme Not Working I
over 2 years ago

Windows 10 has several amazing features, and the dark theme mode is one of them. Sometimes, there occurs an issue in successfully applying the dark mode on your Windows system. If you are too facing the issue so here is the complete guide on how you can fix the issue and why it occurs.

Update Windows To Its Latest Version

It is quite common that an outdated version of Windows causes several issues and dark theme not working issue is one of them. If you are unable to turn on the dark theme on your Windows 10 system, check if there’s an update available for the software. Windows 10 gets an update at least once a week. Every time Windows 10 gets updated, it introduces new as well as improved features to users. There are chances that some outdated apps have been glitched and causing you the issue so update the Windows 10 to its latest version to resolve the issue.

Use Mach2 To Turn On the Dark Theme

Many users are aware of this tool that has been used to enable dark theme mode on Windows. Mach2 is a tool in Windows software by which you can use to enable dark theme. Users can fix the issue by giving a command in Command Prompt to enable dark theme on the theWindows system.

Reapply Wallpaper

Sometimes, the dark theme applies only on the half screen of the device. The irony is that only half of your screen will be covered with dark and half will be normal. The issue occurs for no particular reason, but it can be resolved by reapplying the wallpaper. Reapplying wallpaper in the theme settings looks like a random step, but it works. To do the step, press Windows Key + R to open the run dialog box and type ms-settings;themes in the bar. There will open the themes tab from settings, click on the background option and select any default wallpaper of the theme. After successfully selecting and applying any specific wallpaper from themes, the full dark theme will be applied on your device’s entire screen.

Enable Dark Mode Again

If you have applied all the listed methods above and still couldn’t apply the dark theme, then reapplying it can resolve the issue. The method works well if one faces an issue with the dark mode on Windows 10. Several users have managed to resolve the issue by reapplying dark theme mode on their Windows 10 system. To apply the method, press Windows Key + R to open the run dialog box and type ms-settings; colours and press enter to open the personalization settings menu. As you will scroll down the options, there comes Default app mode and by choosing it, restart the computer to take it back to the usual light mode successfully. Again open the colours menu and change the default app back to the dark, and the theme will be applied successfully.

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