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How to Disable Office Background Task Handler from Task Sche
over 2 years ago

 The reason for the pop-up menu is a background executable software known as Office background task handler. If you want to disable Office background task handler from the task scheduler, then follow the instructions mentioned below.

Here’s how to disable office background task handler from task scheduler

·        Updating the MS Office

1.     Click on the Office app such as PowerPoint, Word, etc.

2.     Press on the File option.

3.     Choose the Account option.

4.     Below the Office Update option, you need to check whether the automatic update is available or not.

5.     In case you have turned off the automatic update, press on the Update Options button.

6.     Choose the Enable Updates option.

7.     After getting the User Account Control on the screen, you need to press on the Yes button.

8.     After that, press on the Update Options button.

9.     Then, choose the Update Now option.

10. Now, the MS Office automatically start the downloading process.

11. Once the downloading process gets completed, you need to install the program which you have not updated yet.

12. Start the computer.

13. You need to check whether there are any improvements or not.

·        Open the Office background Task Handler as an Admin

1.     Go to the File Explorer menu.

2.     Go to the below-mentioned command:

3.     Click twice on the Office16 file to launch it.

4.     You need to right-click on officebackgroundtaskhandler.exe.

5.     After that, choose the Properties option.

6.     Press on the Compatibility option.

7.     It is located in the Properties menu.

8.     Go through the Run this program as an administrator option.

9.     Press on the Apply button.

10. After that, click on the OK button.

11. Now, it will save the changes you have done.

12. Exit from the File Explorer.

·        Turn off the Office background task handler from task scheduler

1.     Click on the Windows and R keys together.

2.     It will launch the Run prompt box.

3.     Enter taskschd.msc in the search bar.

4.     Press on the Enter button.

5.     It will launch the Task Scheduler.

6.     Press on the Task Scheduler Local option.

7.     Enlarge the Task Scheduler Library menu by pressing on the greater-than symbol.

8.     Choose the Microsoft file.

9.     Enlarge the Microsoft file.

10. Press on the Office file.

11. After that, search for the OfficeBackgroundTaskHandlerRegistration.

12. You need to right click on it.

13. After that, choose the Disable option.

14. It will turn off the task handler.

15. Now, you can disable Office background task handler from task scheduler.

·        Changing group or user for the Office background task handler

1.     Click on the Task Scheduler.

2.     You need to click on the Windows and R keys together.

3.     Enter taskschd.msc in the given box.

4.     Click on the Enter option.

5.     By going to the Task scheduler, you need to enlarge the Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Office option.

6.     You need to right-click on the OfficeBackgroundTaskHandlerRegistration option.

7.     Choose the Properties option.

8.     Press on the Change User or Group option.

9.     Enter System in the search bar.

10. Press on the names.

11. Tap on the OK button.

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