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How to Delete Most Visited Sites on Google Chrome
over 3 years ago

But what will you do when the most visited websites are preset at the bottom of the Google Chrome New Tab webpage? There are few methods mentioned below to delete most visited sites on Google Chrome.

Here’s how to delete most visited sites on Google Chrome

· Remove Each Shortcut Individually

1.   You can remove each thumbnail shortcut on your New Tab webpage.

2.  To complete this procedure, press on the Edit shortcut option.

3.  It is located at the upper right-hand side of the thumbnail shortcut.

4.  It will launch the window given on the desktop.

5.  Press on the Remove option.

·  Remove the data of the web browser

1.   Delete the most visited websites shortcuts from your New Tab webpage.

2.  You can do this procedure by removing the data of the web browser.

3.  Press on the Customize and Control Google Chrome option.

4.  It will launch a web browser.

5.   Choose the More Tools option.

6.  Press on the Clear browsing data option.

7.  It will launch the menu.

8.  Choose the Advanced option located on a new window.

9.  Press on the All-time button.

10.  It is given in the Time range pull-down list.

11. Choose the Browsing history option.

12. Select the Download history option.

13.  Click on the Cookies and other site data option.

14.  Click on the Cached images and file option.

15. After that, click on the Clear data option.

· Disable the top sites from your site engagement setting

1.   Some of the Google Chrome users can disable the most visited shortcuts of a new tab webpage with the Top Sites from your Site Engagement option.

2.  To complete this procedure, type the ‘Chrome://flags’ in the link box.

3.  Click on the Return option.

4.  Type the ‘Top Sites from Site Engagement’ in the search bar.

5.  It is given on the upper side of the webpage.

6.  Make sure that the Top Sites from the Site Engagement option is included in the Google Chrome updated version.

7.  Choose the Disabled option.

8.  It is located on the pull-down list.

9.  There you will get the Top Sites from Site Engagement option.

10. After that, click on the Relaunch Now option.

11. It will start the Google Chrome browser again.

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