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5 Best Apps for Skydivers in 2019
almost 3 years ago

Well, jumping out of a plane from a height is breathtaking and terrifying. Skydiving is among the world’s most thrilling and adventurous activities. It takes a strong hearted person to do such type of adventure. Skydiving is in every other adventurer’s bucket list today. So, here I recommend you the best Skydiving apps to maximize your experience of diving from the sky.

1. Skydiving Logbook

It is a logbook application dedicated to Skydivers around the world. Skydiving Logbook app feeds every essential record like aircraft, gear, jump type deployment altitudes, and more. The app has licensed skydivers to sign entries in the logbook. The app calculates wing loading, canopy size, and the extra weight needed to target the desired wing loading. Skydiving Logbook manages user’s gear, including components and service reminders, etc.

2. Canopy Calculator

This is one of the most essential and basic apps for your next skydiving excursion. The app calculates canopy’s weight and size and wing load bases on gear weight. The Canopy calculator app is a must-have app for skydivers, as it provides them every other essential detail before they jump off the plane. The app comes in a tiny size of 80kb, and it is very easy to use.

3. Skydiving Draw

This application eases the confusion of divers up in the sky. The app serves its users by generating skydiving competition formation draws. In the app, randomly created draws of diving are generated, which can be copied, shared and exported in PDF format. The app helps divers by creating various formation which eases the confusion in a driver’s mind. The app is a must-have app for divers of all levels.

4. BASEline Flight Computer

The app designed for Skydivers to improve wingsuit flight performance by data analysis. In the app, there is a record option which divers use to record all GPS logs, accelerometer, and altimeter, etc. The app allows users to display their speed, altitude, and position, and even their projected landed zone. BASEline app decreases the risk in diving with its range of fantastic features.

5. BurbleMe

BurbleMe is a skydiving tool for skydivers through which divers manifest their dropzone. In the app, divers can maintain a full logbook with tracking of load organize, transaction history, and more. The app avails a feature of scanning jumpers QR codes to add them in the list without any fuss.


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