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5 Best Android Camping Apps In 2019
almost 3 years ago

Camping gives you enough space from your daily life and civilization for a few days. Keeping a couple of apps handy is never a bad idea when you are out in nature. So, here are the best apps for your upcoming camping adventure.

1. 1Weather

1Weather app is a widget forecast radar app which gives accurate weather conditions of your location. The app provides you weather forecast so you can tell if there will be rain, storm, wind and more. 1Weather app is an ideal app if you are planning on camping out in nature. The app gives accurate weather forecast to users and is amongst the top apps for travelers and vacationers.

2. Compass

Compass is an ideal app to have while camping in the mountains. The app gives directions and degrees with a visual representation. The app tells you directions which eases the process of finding perfect camping spots anywhere. The app helps in determining the direction quickly and accurately.

3. BackCountry Navigation

BackCountry is an excellent app to download offline topographical maps. With the app, use your smartphone or tablet as an offroad topographical map synchronized with the GPS navigation system. The app is ideal for backing up maps even when you do not have access to the Internet. Enter GPS maps and use coordinates by using longitude and latitude of your location.

4. Fishbrain

Fishbrain is a fun app for your camping excursion. You can use the app for fishing by using thousands of techniques given by millions of anglers in the app. The app locates nearest lakes and rivers from your location, which means you do not have to wander around with no idea of fishing out in the open nature. Explore exact catch positions with Fishbrain app on your camping vacation.

5. Icon Torch

Well, it seems pointless to suggest a torch app for your camping trip. But, since it will get dark at night, it is best to keep a torch app on your phone.  Icon Torch app displays a torch on your smartphone screen, which you can use just after unlocking your device. There’s no need to go in settings or search menu to turn on your smartphone’s flashlight.

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